So, since season 3 started i have one question. Where the hell does Blaine live?

He went Dalton last year which is in Westerville, and now he goes to McKinley which is in Lima. Those are 2 hours from each other? Does he drive to Lima every day? Also, Lima is a couple steps down from Westerville if you know what i mean(in other words its a dump). So, yea……..just been thinking about this whenever i watch Glee. Im done ranting.

Ryan Murphey get your ass to Ohio to see what its really like.

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    As a fellow Ohioan, I agree. There is no way that a football game would be played in January. No way. We can have at...
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    As long as the gay bar they go to on Tuesday is Axis, I could care less at this point XD
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