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Back to camp. See you in a week.

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make me choosejesushawkeye asked: hawkeye or the hulk?

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Was at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards these past few days. Hella ice breaker games.
More importantly, Alex Sheen came to talk to us about his nonprofit “because I said I would.”. It encourages people to keep their promises, no matter how big or small. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

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Fangirl Challenge

[6/10] tv shows - American Horror Story

I’m finding it really hard to look at your face because I really, really want to bash it in.”

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I never said pilot.

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Sebastian tho


Sebastian tho

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TRACK: My Eyes Adored You

ARTIST: John Lloyd Young

ALBUM: Jersey Boys


Song of the Day #8

My Eyes Adored You- John Lloyd Young

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You wanna hear the real story? I’m the one you wanna talk to: Tommy DeVito.

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Jersey Boys


Frankie: *falsetto*

Tommy: *makes fun of falsetto*

Frankie: *falsetto intensifies*

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I thought I was going to school to be other people, but really, what I learned was to be myself - accepting myself, my strengths and weaknesses. -Lupita Nyong’o

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My parents are fighting like come on can’t you wait a year till I’m out of the house.

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*song starts playing*
me: creates a whole oscar worthy montage in my head with flashbacks dramatic shots fade outs and everything of my otp
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I’m really lucky that I’ve got to do theatre in the past, I’m always looking to come back and doing some monster role on the stage at some point, that would be really cool. I can’t wait to see Jude Law in Hamlet, those things seem like such epic ideas, but they’re not. They’re not impossible. I realise a lot of people that do those – and I read up and they’re equally as scared. They’re just driven to do it. Ideally I’d love to do something of that calibre, that size. For theatre you have to be mentally and physically up to the part.

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